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Saturday, September 20, 2014


It's so hard to believe my first born is having her BD today!!!!  Love you so much and have a great trip!  She's headed out west with her girl friend for a week at a spa!!!  Enjoy...relax!!!!  Love you!!
My Beautiful Baby!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Snap Bags

I still have to finish the binding on two of my 12" inch challenge blocks, which I'll do tonight watching TV...but I  had a 14" square piece that I used as a practice block.  So, what to do with it!  Snap bag time!  I needed a few bags to have for gifts so this quilted piece worked great!

1st bag, back

1st bag front
 I love using my snap bag, which holds my coupons and stays in my purse.  Of course, then I think everyone wants a snap bag!  HA

These are handy little buggers...and they wash up nice!
2nd bag back

2nd bag front

These are so easy to make.  I started out with a square piece that I cut into 7" x 14" lengths.  You can make any size!

Of course you have to add beading to your piece!!!

Next up I cut/fused backing to cover up the stitching so it won't get caught on coupons/papers or your fingers as you put items in the bag.

I also kept the backing 1/4" from the side seams.  There's too much bulk to sew and turn.

Next I cut fabric for the sleeve for inserting a piece metal tape.  You need to steel one your hubby's  tool shed!  But don't use tape that is over 1/2-3/4" wide.  Depending on the size of your tape you need at least 1 1/2" - 2" strip of fabric.

Sew the strip right sides together to the backing first, then press 1/4" on the unsewn side.  Fold over to the right side of the bag and stitch.  I like to use a 12 wt or decorative thread for this part.

Next up you'll cut a piece of metal tape at least 1" smaller than your bag width.  You need to make sure the tape is inside the seam line or else you end up sewing over metal...which isn't good!
Also, round your edges of the metal tape measure and cover with a piece of masking or scotch tape.  This will prevent it from poking through the sleeve as you use it.

Slip your metal tape into the the number side of the tape facing inside.  This is different from how I was told to first make them (Thanks, Galye!) but it works so much better this way.  Really does 'snap'!

I have made all different sizes using left over scraps from quilts.  You can see a smaller size on my post here.  

Oh, just had a call from the Dr. and I have a cracked rib!  Go figure!  And all I did was pick up a dog that weighs less then Kalle!  I actually did this two weeks ago but finally got to see the Dr. today....oh well...these old bones are quite brittle but who knew how brittle!  No more running around the bases with grand kids.  But my grandson did tell me I could still pitch!  Go figure!  Off to get some Advil or more wine!  Lots better than Oxyi!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Size does matter!

Yes, size does matter to me!  Especially when it comes to the size of my wine glass and quilt blocks!  I had finished sewing the binding on the challenge 12" blocks and because size matters....I just happen to remeasure and guess what!  Each block was 12 1/4"!!!  WHAT!!!!
I was having a heck of a time on Sunday cutting the blocks to size.  This was all due to my rotary cutters...and that is plural.  I tried several that I had as well as taking apart my cutters with the zig zag blades and none of them would cut.  The edges on the blocks were a mess.  I finally reached a point and just stopped cutting.  My first mistake.  The 2nd was not measuring them again before I sewed the bindings on!  Here are three of the blocks (the back of them!) with their binding on.  I can't show the fronts until they are mailed out.

And here the buggers are with the bindings being removed!  UGH! This took quite a bit of time because I had to remove the stitching on the block in addition to the stitches for binding.

Yes, this was a waste of time but I just couldn't mail them out with being the wrong size.  UGH (again!)...oh well.

I did get all the bindings sew back on (after I measured the block correctly and cut it correctly!).  And I even finished sewing the binding back on one of the blocks.  So two more to go!  Woo Hoo!

Tomorrow I pick up kids from school.  I didn't see them last week so I'm looking forward to spending some time with them.  Thursday I'm going to Frankenmuth with my bud, Joan.  Should be a nice fall day! Friday is guild meeting and Saturday is Nick's football game!  Busy life but a good complaints.  Now to go check the size of my wine glass!!  Size does matter!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Pet Peeve

OK, so we all have pet peeves, right?  Trust me, before I go any further, I know that I am not that perfect at grammar, punctuation and spelling (heaven only knows those who read my FB posts will second that!) BUT....when folks use some of these words incorrectly, it drives me nuts....for example.....

Using THERE instead of THEIR or THEY'RE; TO instead of TOO, YOUR instead of YOU'RE...Whew...I feel better now that I got that off my back!!  Don't ask what brought this on...just bugs me.
Now back to more important items.....I finished up my 12" square blocks for a challenge that's due in October. One of the lady's in our group has already sent her block to us (thanks, Gayle!!)'s a really, really nice block!  I love it!!  BUT I can't show it until we receive all of the blocks.  Nor can I  post mine until I send them out!  Which will be later this week. I have to print out the labels today and attach to each block.
 In between time, I have been busy...we had a power outage a week ago for almost 27 hours.  UGH...I don't even want to think about it.  Guess we were lucky compared to some who were out for several days.  I did get lots of hand work finished as well as reading a book!

This past weekend Alice and I attended a baby shower for our bud Patty's grand daughter, Lauren.  Patty passed away a few years ago so Alice and I were there in her place.
Patty at the birth of her first grand daughter

Alice ad I having fun, as always!
Bottom left is Lauren, mother-to-be

This is Lisa (blue dress), Patty's daughter

The shower was wonderful and Lisa out did herself in all the preparations.  Check out the napkins.

 It was a perfect day and I'm glad Alice and I were there.  I know Patty would have been proud of Lisa and her grand daughters...and if she would have been there, the three of us would have been laughing  most of the day, in addition to running to the ladies room to have a swig of vodka!  You would  had to have known Patty.  When I had my back surgery, she brought a bottle of vodka into my hospital room and we had a drink!  Yep!!  But I slept well that night!  

I did miss another of Nick's football games on Saturday but hopefully I'll make it up to him the next two weeks!   So off to make my labels for the blocks.  Bob's golfing but the day isn't that great.  A tad on the cool side and windy.  But we're due for some 60 and sunny weather coming later this week!  My kind of weather!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


My sister riding her bike with Mum overseeing!!!  Hope you have a great day sis!!!  Wish I could be there to celebrate with you!!!
And beautiful as ever!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014


Before I could fuse down my cut out horse background, I had to remove all the papers from the
hex horse fabric!

I've kept the papers in place until I was ready to 'merge' the two pieces!

This was good TV work!!!  I use a wide piece of masking tape to hold my threads...that's the beige blob/piece is on the left!

Most of the papers have been removed at this point.

All the papers are gone!!  Next I pressed the piece really well.

Really, this part wasn't that hard...the fusing of the cut out horse....although, I've been known to fuse something to something it shouldn't be fused to!  Haven't we all at one time or another!

All fused down and no problem!

I already had fusible web on the entire back of the cut out horse,  which allowed me to fuse some interfacing so I could stitch around the horse using a button hole stitch.

I know this picture doesn't look that different from the one above, but this one is stitched around the edges...honest!!

You can see the stitches here.

Its turning out, so far, to what I had in mind.  I'll add some pencil or paint to give more definition to the horses shoulder/legs and of course he'll need some beads for his mane and tail!  And an eye!   Right!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Get out the knife!

Yep, this is the scary part of this process but I love a challenge!    I finished piecing the background for my horse and added  fusible web on the back of it.  I'm fusing the cut out to the hex horse fabric (I kept the paper from the fusible on while cutting).   Now to get out the X-Acto knife!!!

Background pieced

I ironed a horse freezer paper template on top of background....and started to cut away.  It wasn't so bad except for cutting into the seams.

 I figured if I made a mistake, while cutting out the horse, I could always make another background, right!

TaDa!!!  He's cut out!!!  Whew!!!

I think the cut out horse would make a great addition to another project!  And since it has fusible web on the back of it, easy to use!

And the horse looks pretty cool!  Now I hope the hex fabric will look as good under the cut out!

I've removed all the paper hex pieces and hope to get the background fused on Thursday.   Now I need to be extra careful with the placement to make sure all areas are filled in and I don't move the background piece as I'm ironing/fusing it to the hexies! I love stress or what!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Remembering Mandy


November 3, 1999 -September 2, 2011

It's been three years hard to believe our girl isn't here any more....Kalee has filled my heart but there will always be that one spot she won't be able to fill.  It's saved for Mandy and no dog will ever fill it. 

I think of my  Mandy almost daily....we adopted her on March 24, 2001 and she was my best friend...and my companion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I  still  miss her so much.  I'm sure she and Kalee would get along...ok, maybe she would teach Kalee a thing or two....or Mandy would just tolerate Kalee!!  Knowing her, she'd be up on Bob's lap hoping we wouldn't make her walk twice a day!  Mandy didn't like to walk!!  She would much rather lay on the couch....but I'd let her do that in a minute!!  I miss her and cry for her often.......  

Monday, September 1, 2014

Purge Time (again!)

Yep, it's time to purge again.  I like my sewing area to be as open and tidy as can be. Because I'm always working on more than one project at a time it's easy to have lots of space taken up with those projects.  It's also very hard to work if you aren't organized and have good work, today I decided to go through and move some quilts around and free up some space (again!).

This was the first area I reorganized...some are smaller quilts (you can see the 'Mandy' quilt I posted on yesterday and some quilts I purchased (2nd row from left is a purple/gold quilt I purchased from AAQI and Dijanne piece is the bottom 2nd row from left I bought several years ago).  And, yep, that's my 'beaded leaf' trying to find a new home (bottom)...more about that in another post!!!

Also, Kalee loves to lay on my sewing table next to my machine (she sleeps most of the time but also likes to look out the window).  Well, it was getting a little too much work, for both of us!...mainly because I would have to move her if I wanted to cut fabric or needed space to lay out my work.  So......

I moved my large green cutting mat on top of this cabinet.  Now Kalee can sleep in peace and I don't have to keep moving her.  Why didn't I think of this 3 years ago!   More than one occasion I have sewn her fur into a project!

These are some of the more current pieces I've made...four of the larger ones are for our Inspired by the Master's exhibit.  We won't be having these on exhibit for awhile yet.  We need quite a few to fill up a space...I think Carol wants to have over 40 pieces for the exhibit.  Although, one of our members, LA, most likely has made enough quilts to fill a space herself!  

And I did get rid/trashed some old magazines I had which free'd up some holders for me to put my project binders into.  A few years ago I was making 8 1/2" x 11" small pieces for the Bead Journal Project as well as for a challenge our fiber group had one year.  I've had these binders just laying ontop of some books so now they have a real home! 

I also have binders for ATC's (artist trading cards) and for my fiber cards I've received throughout the years.

I like being able to look at each category and it also keeps them nice and neat!

This picture shows one of the beaded pieces I've done and the back of another one.  I use the binders that have the plastic sleeve in them.  My pieces fit perfectly in the binders and it also makes it easy to browse!
So that was the rest of my Sunday!  Purging and sewing and laundry and cooking!  But heck, I'm retired...what else would I be doing!  

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to hex horse!

So today I decided to start piecing the background for my hex horse!  I've shown this 'hex' fabric I made

which will be placed under my background piece..yea, that's the scary part is cutting away the horse...I plan to fuse the background (after cutting out the horse!) to my hex fabric...well, it's my thought so far!

I think some of this fabric I dyed and stamped will work good  for the background.  It's a good contrast that's for sure!

So today I started to slice and stitch up the background.  I'm about 1/4 of the way finished.  I need at least an 18" x 22" background piece (my finished piece needs to be 16" x 20").

I cut out the horse to create a pattern to drawn onto the background..yep, that's the scary part I mentioned above.'s getting there.  I hope to finish it up tomorrow sometime then draw on the background and add fusible webbing to the back.
I'm planning on fusing the background onto my hex fabric.  I was going to needle turn but I think it will be best to fuse then I can stitch around the horse or not!
Who knows until I finish!

Also, today I was 'clearning and clearing' out my sewing room!!  I can't believe all the quilts I have finished the past few years!  Geezzzzz   What to do with them!!!   I did decide for my smaller pieces (12"  -14") I'm going to add some D rings to them and make another quilt book!  You can see the diary I created a few years go which was my inspiration here.  Otherwise, these little quilts just sit there!

 Anyway, thinking off my Mandy girl and came across this small quilt I made in 2009, 'Our House is Now a Home' was for an exhibit, Lynn Krawczyk curated for her exhibit, Breaking Traditions.   It's a picture of my Mandy girl....she's always in my thoughts....I cried when I found it today.

I used light weight metal for the house designs and of course there are a few beads on it...but mainly stitching and printing on fabric.

Tomorrow I'll post pics of my clearing out I did today!  I'm pooped!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Embellish Magazine

I've posted about the online group I belong to, Art Quilts Around the World and our challenges.  Well, one of our members, Neroli Henderson, wrote an article on our blog group which has been published in Embellish Magazine!  How nice of Neroli to do this and how cool is it that our group and work has been published.  
Here are the pages from the magazine and guess what!  My little quilt, Carnival, is in the article!  

You'll have to click on the pictures to read the article.  It's very well written by Neroli...if I'm not mistaken, I believe she has written or is writing more articles for Embellish.  I think she did a great job explaining our group.  

Check out Neroli's page (on the Art Quilts Around the World blog) and her blog/web.  She has a great story on how she got started with art work and her work is outstanding!!

Embellish is a fiber/textle magazine which is published in Australia so I'm currently trying to find out where/how to purchase it here in the states.  One of our members suggested, worse case, to have someone from Australia purchase several copies and mail to one of us here in the states.  That's a great option in case we can't locate or have the magazines purchased here.  I'd prefer a hard copy vs digital so hopefully we'll find copies here.  I've emailed a distributor here in the states so waiting to hear from them.  
Another beautiful, cool, summer/fall day!!  Check out this tree I took a picture of while walking's at a house here in our neighborhood!!!  Fall is coming!!!!  OH NO!!!  I love fall but don't want winter to come...I'm not ready to head south!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Who has time to read!

I love books...reading or listening to books via Ipod....and want to share one of my latest "finds"!!  Actually, this book was a recommendation by AARP!  It's called The Martian and it's one of the best books I've read in a long time!  It's not about a 'martian'...although, I guess you could call the character a martian!  It's about an astronaut who gets stranded on mars!  I can't sit and read during the day...just too busy doing other things but I read in bed at night or while watching the Tiger's play on TV!    It is hard to put this book down... it's fiction and written so well!!!  I'm a mystery or biography reader but this one had me at "Log Entry: Sol 6" know what I mean by that if you read the book...and do read the book...

I've been busy working on the projects that can't be revealed yet but have also started to play around with some background fabric choices for my hex horse.  I get bored working on the same project!

The printed/dyed/stamped fabrics I created back in July (you can see post here)  should/will work great for the background for the horse.  It's hard to tell by this pic but I think I'm on the right track.

Now to decide the size of strips and start piecing the background.  Worse case, if I don't like the horse on the background, I'll just use it for creating a hand stitched quilt or for another project.

Weather is BEAUTIFUL here today!!!  Sunny, breezy and only in the high 60's!  Now this is my kind of weather!!!  I could handle this year round!!!  So could Kalee!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What a great end to summer with kids

I am hoping I can show some 'corner's' of the projects I'm working on!!  It's so hard not to post pictures of my work on my blog!!!  I like to see the progress on the piece but....guess I'll just have to start some new projects that I can share!  Until's all about my family!  Which isn't all bad!

We had a great day today, grand kids and I!  We played0 Putt Putt, then the kids hit balls on the driving range then off to Culver's for a great lunch! about so much food!  I couldn't even eat dinner tonight...although, I'm sitting here munching on some pretzel sticks...OH...and grandma even got a hole in one on the 1st hole...after that it was downhill!!  Kids start school a week from today....they are each going to new schools...Nick the Middle school and Amber the High school....

Amber aiming high!!!  It was 88 degrees today...seems more like Florida weather..humid too...

Nick had a good swing

He actually beat Amber and I at Putt Putt

Our balls were this close on one hole

Just a fun day!

Just like a walk in the woods!!

A great end to our summer long days together...more memories.....