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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

ATC Exchange

Lynn Krawczk from Smudged Design Studio is at it again...enticing us with participating in another creative adventure!  This time it was an ATC exchange!  Only criteria you needed to do some type of screen printing on your card.

Last summer I had Lynn make me two thermofax screens using some blueprint designs created by my friends father.  You can see those on my post here.

I had some  Dura Textile canvas that I painted with acrylic paints.  Once dry, I screen printed using this  thermofax screen on top of the painted canvas.

I sandwiched batting and a playing card for the back, then machine stitched the edges.  I punched holes at the top so I could add a charm on each ATC and here they are!  I made 12 of them, which was the limit in the exchange.  I'm really looking forward to getting the exchange cards!

We should be getting our ATC's after Oct. 4th...I'm posting this before I receive mine but will post pics as soon as I get mine in return!

 What fun is this!  If you haven't done any ATC's in quite sometime, why not start an exchange with a few friends!  Always a good way to use up those scrap quilt pieces or to play with a new technique in a small way!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bad Grandma!!

Geezzz  I forgot to post about our grandson's BD party a week ago!  How could I!   Nick turned 12 on Sept. 26th and for once he didn't have a football game on his birthday (he did have a game the next day!).  

 So, the family all got together for a BBQ rib dinner on Saturday, compliments of Darrin cooking the ribs and Kris cooking most of the other dishes.

Kris' mom always makes the cake and she outdid herself again!  She made an Oreo cake, as it's Nick's favorite!  And a banana split layered dessert along with a large chocolate chip cookie!  YUM!!

And of course there are the presents. Nick is a big Xbox fanatic and wanted the new Forza6 game.  Well, there are so many different editions I just got a gift card for Xbox from us so he can get the set he wants.  He is good at racing the cars and certainly knows his cars!   He's a good student and football player so guess he doesn't spend all his time on the Xbox...just most of his free time!  HA

 Auntie Dawn and uncle Jeff got him an actual steering wheel that connects to the x-box setup.  Guess the good thing about that is he'll learn to drive!!  We hope!

This was the main meal.  In addition to the ribs, Darrin also made port tenderloins...all were delicious.  Kris is such a great cook and made lots of dishes for us to fill up on!!  I made Oriental Salad and brought a cheese tray.
Kris made a new corn dip she found on Pinterest that was really good with the chips!!  I'm taking the recipe with me to Florida for a dish to pass at one of our get-together dinners.

.All in all it was a great wise and just being around family!  And my apologies to Nick for the late post!!  Grandma will have to do something to make it up to him!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Gift Making

In between current projects I got the bug to make some gifts!  I can't remember on which blog I saw this Zippered Box Pouch but once I made my first one I was hooked!  Thank you whoever showed this!!!!
The zippered pouch is such an easy and quick project and so far I've made four!   If you're interested, you can watch Jennifer Bosworth's YouTube here.  She is great!  I'm going to check out some of her other tutorials on YouTube.

This was my first pouch!  They measure 6.5-7" x 3" x 4"...or around that!

I pried this one open so you can see the lining inside.  I think it will make a nice cosmetic bag, sewing bag or whatever.  Don't we always need another bag to stash things in!

This one is a gift for my Q bud in Florida!  It's her BD this week.   She should have received it by the time this is posted!

And you'll see the other little gift I made her at the end of this post.

This one is for my friend, Mary.  The fabric is leftover from my hex horse and I added some hand stitching and some beads.  Mary is quite artsy so I had to jazz it up.  The lining is the same as the black/white tab.

This one is for my other friend, Carol.  She only wears blues/reds/ I had to make her a blue box!  Actually the fabric is more turquoise than blue and the lining, again, is the same as the black/white tab.

I have two more of these to make as Mary and Carol are both in our fiber group and I want to give each of the ladies one.  I picked up some more zippers today so hopefully I'll get the other two made this weekend as our meeting is the 2nd Monday in October.

And this little trinket is a collapsible thread catcher!    I do remember seeing this on Beth's blog!  So the mind hasn't totally gone a muck!   I made two, one for a gift (my Q bud)  and one to keep.  They're both made from my mono printed fabric.  You can see better pictures on Beth's blog.

This little bugger is so nifty!!  I always have threads all over the LR while sewing at night, but  now they are stashed in this little cup until I empty it!  Then the cup collapses and fits in my sewing bin.  They are pretty easy to make but actually more complicated than the zippered pouch!  Go figure!!

And I made BD fiber cards.  A few years ago I took an lino cut online class from Dijanne Cevaal.  I was looking for some fabric to make the cards from and decided to use the stamped pieces from that class.  I think they turned out pretty good with just free motion stitching around the design.  Hope the recipients will like them!!

So that's what I've been working on....just keeping busy..

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hex Horse #2 Finished!

WooHoo!!!  My hex horse #2 is finished.  I'm quite happy with how it turned out! further!

I did add some circle stitching...I think there are about seven circles on the piece.

But...there is always a BUT with our work, right!  I am happy with my horse and workmanship but I am not happy with my binding job so I'll be ripping it out and redoing.  Long story but I was sewing it on with two dogs on the side and behind my machine last night!!!  And I usually sew a scant 1/4" but for some reason I didn't and in between struggling with the dogs and stitching in a hurry!! I was  trying to get the binding ready so I could sew it on while watching the Pittsburgh Steelers play football....UGH! Anyway, no big deal...I'll just rip out and resew!  I'm good at that 'resewing' bit!

Anyway, now my Hex Horse #1 has a bud!   The Inspired by the Masters exhibit won't be opening until February I have time to finish my other projects!!  I hope!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Proud Grand Parents!

We are so proud of all of our grand kids...and once again last night at Honors Night at Oxford High School made us again proud!

Amber and Nick are both good students (as were Kayla - she's now done with her Masters! and Ian who is a sophomore at Purdue and was Salutatorian of his class).  Last school term Nick was sick for his Honor Night so he missed being presented his certificate.  He had to pick it up at the office the next day!  Boo hoo!

Last night, Amber received her recognition for the 2014-2015 term.  She has two Advanced Honors classes (Math and Spanish).  Darrin got a picture of Amber receiving her award...she'll kill me for posting but...

We're always proud of any of the kids accomplishments and this one is just filed in our 'proud grand parent' memory!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Uniform Challenge

Here's my 'Uniform' challenge for the Art Quilts Around the World online challenge.  I actually started sewing the hex's at our 'weekend at Tommy's'!   The piece measures approximately 11.5" x 16". piece is not crooked as it looks here!  I admit I'm not a good photographer!!  Sorry!!!

What can be more 'uniform' than hex's!  OK, that was my thought!!    I started out cutting 2" strips as well as cutting out the paper hex's; sewed the hex fabric to the papers, then sewed the piece together.

Next up I made a template from freezer paper so I knew the size of hex's I needed as well as my pattern for the border.

I cut the border fabric and fused to my hex background...yes, I'm lovin making hex backgrounds!  HA
The piece was sandwiched and I used a triple stitching around the hex's.

 Because I didn't quilt any of the border, I thought it needed something I painted a few hexes in the border then hand stitched around them.    And that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

TBT - Thread Quilting

Here are two of my quilts that were 'thread quilted'!  Guess that's better than thread painted!  These are each 20" x 24" and were made for the Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational.

Aisha-She is Life
Theme: Africa

 I found a picture of a pattern which was about 1" x 2" in an embroidery/needlework catalog. Well, I didn't want the entire kit, so I just took the picture and enlarged it, traced onto my fabric and then painted the fabric (excluding the borders) with thickened dyes.  I had taken a class by Hollis Chatelain on painting with thicken dyes, which was great!  She was a great instructor and I enjoyed 'painting' this piece.

 Of course after quilting, I had to add beads, right! I also took a huge assortment of fibers and braided them to stitch down for her hair. You might see detail if you click on the picture.  This was a fun piece to work on.  But aren't they all! 

Theme:  Italy

I made a drawing of Leonardo DaVinci onto a piece of plain background fabric.  Then I followed Anna Faustino's method for weaving quilts. Kinda tricky as I wove part of the background fabric after I had traced his face onto the fabric. Cutting just up to the edge of his face and hair!  Next up I did the thread quilting for his face and then quilted around the woven ends to secure.

 This is one of my hubby's favorite quilts.  He doesn't like my contemporary or abstract quilts.  He's more into pictorial since he used to paint himself.  Wish he would again as he was good at it.  He said it gave him a nervous breakdown!  

So that's it for Throw Back Thursday for my art work!  Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekly Pattern Wednesday #18

Weekly Pattern Wednesday #18
Well, it is the first day of fall!  Only problem my leaf was so big it didn't fit too well!!  And I just couldn't squeeze in a 3rd one!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Birthday Time(s)!

Yesterday, we had the kids up to celebrate Dawn's BD!  I enjoyed having them come up for brunch as I  love to entertain (Bob, not so much!  HA)!  This is our BD girl!

 I think the kids enjoyed the menu:  Hash Brown Casserole; Egg Stratta; Quiche Lorraine; Orange French Toast; sausage links; Pancakes (mainly for Nick!); six different fruits (I had individual fruit trays so they could pick and choose!) and home made Cinnamon rolls (Barefoot Contessa's recipe which is the best & easy to make!).  Yes, a lot of carbs but isn't that what a  BD is all about!  I also made cherry chip cupcakes, as that was Dawn's favorite and I think she still enjoys them from time to time.  She did text me this a.m. and said they were good!  Kids took them home as we were all pretty stuffed from brunch.

I don't remember the name of this type of decoration but from what I understand they are Dawn's favorite!  She'll be decorating her office at work soon for Halloween and now she has a head start on Christmas, a gift from her SIL!  She also received another Pandora charm from Kris/Darrin/kids...ok, who are we kidding!  Kris picks out all the gifts!  Isn't that what wives do!

Yes, all the men look quite ambitious!  HA...just to stick up for Darrin, he had to go into work at 5 a.m. and was headed back to work after taking Nick and Amber to a few stores.  So he was tired..and we did eat all those carbs!

And I'm so proud of Gigi!  She was a doll as this was only the 2nd time she's had any real company in the house!  What a doll!!!  I did pick her up and put her in Amber's arms and you can see from the pics, she settled in quite easily!

Gigi was actually sitting up on Amber's lap!

Gigi was starting to fall asleep when I took this picture!  She would walk beside Amber and we took the dogs out in the yard for awhile.  Nick was racing one of his cars in the street, which drove Gigi nuts.  She wanted to go after it so we ended up in the back yard!

Gigi also just laid by the patio door while we ate (she and Kalee do this when bob and I eat too).  I was so happy with how well behaved she was.

And here are the two other excited party goers!  Although, poor Nick is getting over a cold so he wasn't up to par.  Not sure what Kalee's excuse was!  She most likely wore herself out when everyone got here.  She loves people and gets so excited when anyone comes over!

All in all it was a really nice time with the kids!!!  Just need to do this more often!  Busy schedules and lives does interfere but we have to just make it happen!

AND today is another BD in the family!  It's MaryJo's BD!  Hope she has a great day as well!  This is Mary Jo and Ron (Bob's son) while in Florida this pat spring.  What a great couple and family!
Off to do some weeding then get dinner ready and hope to finish the inside of my hex horse tonight while watching FOOTBALL!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

TBT - Thread Painting

At one time, BB (before beading!) I would play around with thread painting!  I thought for this TBT it would be a good time to show one of my quilts I thread painted.  This piece is 20" x 24" and were made for the Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational in 2009.

Who's Watching Whom?

Theme:  Art of Nature

My inspiration came from a photo my daughter took at a wolf preserve photo shoot she went on back in 2008-2009.  I loved this picture so I scanned it in and then printed out (poster printing) , then traced onto a piece of cheap fabric!  I don't remember but I'm sure I put some type of stablizier on the back!

I started the thread painting trying to follow the picture o ensure I got the movement of the fur.  I don't remember the number of different color threads I used but there were a lot!    All thread painting was free motion quilted...I don't have an embroidery sewing machine.   

This is the piece in progress and it was so cool to see them come alive!


Once I finished all the thread painting, I cut around the stitching and then attached to my hand dyed quilted background by going over some the areas I already stitched. One the main piece was attached I cut close to the edge (yes, scary!) and made sure the edges were all attached securely as well. 

I have over 80 leaves, some fused but most dimensional that I attached to the piece. 

So that was my first 'real attempt' at thread painting!  Next week on TBT, I'll show some other pieces that were semi thread painted or thread quilted!  I've not done anything to this extent since the wolves were finished.  Just never found the right subject matter.  Hope you enjoy seeing my piece and my process.